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2011-03-28 21:38:58 by ss4neji

Halcyonic is a solo project I am doing. It will be a mix of Techno, Clean Vocals, and Death growling. I have the first song finished (But minus the vocals). I plan to have a 3 song demo ^.^!


2011-03-25 17:36:24 by ss4neji

Well, I now write music on Cubase. Expect better music from me! And I don't stick with one genre so expect various genres! :P!


2010-10-16 14:50:00 by ss4neji

Well, I'm failing a class in school (Oops ><). But otherwise I got new programs! YAY! :D Plan to hear better songs from me :3


2010-01-05 22:09:40 by ss4neji

I was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate on some songs. For Christmas I got a drumkit and a keyboard. Does anyone want to collaborate? I need a bassist and guitarist. Just Private Message me if you want to

I think i might make a whole entire CD... composed of nice calming songs... Each one different. Each one a new feel.


2009-07-14 21:46:52 by ss4neji

I plan to write many songs. Some might go into a very secret game i am making...